The cost of sponsorship

Sometimes you need help getting the funds together to get your geek event or wedding just right. Sponsors can be the answer, but there are always conditions to sponsorships. What does it cost to have sponsors?

Accept offers of help

For some reason, I'm shy to ask for help with my wedding. I lucked out by having a craft group who listened to me being excited to marry Hardus, and then offered to help. When people do this, you should accept their help. But is it okay to accept help from non-guests?

Steal the venue

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but in Joburg a lot of small to medium geek conventions have something in common – the venue. There’s also some overlap in venues for the two big Gauteng boffer larps (MEAD Legends and Tales of Teana). You could do a lot of work to find a venue that’s uniquely yours, or you could follow the common sense approach.

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