Six lessons six weeks before the wedding

The last three weeks have been crazy at work… and the last two have been crazy for wedding planning. There will be interruptions in your regular posting, but I’ll try to do more save-the-nerves posts as I head towards the wedding.

Here’s what I’m learning about wedding planning about six weeks to wedding:

  1. You might think you have things planned out, but six weeks before the wedding small details suddenly become the devil.
  2. Instead of saying “I don’t know what I want for a wedding ring” to your future spouse and having them say the same to you for months, just choose something and don’t wait till the last minute. (Before we got that sorted I bought two silicone rings just in case)
  3. Follow up with guests who haven’t RSVPed. Sometimes they haven’t replied because they didn’t receive the invite. Sorry Bronwyn!
  4. Don’t take on new DIY stuff just because most of the crafting’s done. I pity everyone who’s going to be subjected to my brilliant bunny bows because I found ribbon that matches my thank-you gifts.
  5. Tell everyone in the wedding party what needs to be done. One brain forgets easily, many brains remember the most important things.
  6. Now is the time to think in detail about flowers. I thought flowers were seasonal, but actually they depend on heat, and rainfall, and if they like you, and if their gardeners loved them growing up.


*Beautiful bunny photo: Anne and Dan Marks

*Blazing bunny design: SIN BIN

*Panic: Dina

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