Book your guests early

You’ve got your event’s venue and the date sorted and you still have a lot of work to do. It’s easy to focus on all the details and mini-events and forget one of the most important parts – letting people know when and where it’s happening. Most people are like vampires, they won’t come in unless you invite them.

Once you have your date and venue sorted, you can head to social media and announce that your Cool Thing is happening on <Date>

My thoughts shifted to invites and adverts because my weekend was heavy on essential admin (I got new glasses) and wedding planning. The world is suddenly HD. Sunday was pen-and-ink day for writing up wedding invitations. Mine have to go out soon.

Save the date works for weddings and geek events

I’m a bit behind on the “traditional” schedule for sending out wedding invitations, but that’s ok because I asked people to save the date last year. Although save the date is a wedding thing, it also works brilliantly for geek events. Once you have your date and venue sorted, you can head to social media and announce that your Cool Thing is happening on <Date>.

We’re in a geek renaissance. There are plenty of events to go round so announcing your date helps people to plan and budget. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first year or the twentieth, people need to know the date ahead of time so they can buy plane tickets while it’s affordable, schedule leave, make an outfit and so you book them before any other event falls on that day. In my experience, people tend to stick to their first plan for a weekend.

Facebook events

I’m keeping my invitations for my wedding far away from Facebook. I have limited space, and can only fit specific people. The after-honeymoon-party will go there, once I figure out the date and venue.

My convention info became a Facebook event as soon as I had the date, the venue and an image of some sort for the event header. I believe in booking the date before you have all the other details sorted. As your details become finalised they organically give you content to release to keep attendees’ interest and remind them of your event. Announcing your dates early also helps other event planners – if you share attendees it’s part of the honour code not to double schedule.

Do you believe in creating events before all the details are finalised?



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  1. I really so. As I have come to learn, people (friends or family) are busy. They want to see you but they all so have many things going on. Booking in advance whether it a pirate thing or a huge event helps tons. Keeping calendars is a thing.


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