Why should I care about Skipping Convention?

Why is a wedding like a comic and games convention? Join me as I take my experience as a con organiser who skipped out of the organising scene only to have to use it to plan another event, my wedding. Welcome to Skipping Convention.

This blog will be useful if

you are interested in planning your own small convention. I worked with the nitty-gritty of running a small convention (300–700 feet through the door) for ten years. Each week I’ll post  about my convention experience and how it translates to wedding planning.

The plan is to keep posting after the wedding, because then I’ll be able to tell you how well the planning worked or backfired. Then it should be useful for the engaged too!

It might have soppy posts too

I can’t remember having dreams about my “big day” as a little girl. After I did translations for a wedding magazine I thought I’d just live in sin forever since there are only so many ways to say “petite bride”, “beautiful day”, “dream <wedding thing here>” before it puts you off completely.

Then Hardus ruined it all by a sickeningly sweet,  romantic, unexpected  proposal that was utterly delightful. Love makes you do crazy things, like organise a wedding.

Your part in all this

I want you to share your opinions and ideas and tell me if you want me to write about something specific. Feel free to shoot questions too.

Next week

I’ll introduce you to where I think your planning should start – choosing your venue.

2 thoughts on “Why should I care about Skipping Convention?

Add yours

  1. Yup, venue first. Once you have your venue, you can decide on a date based on the venue’s availability…and, I guess, the bride and groom’s availability on those dates…hahaha. Happy hunting!

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  2. I look forward to reading more because I’m interested in both your con experience and your wedding planning experience. (and the soppy bits too, I’m a notorious romantic, at least when my practical self isn’t looking). Tell on, dear lady, tell on.

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